ASUS - ZenFone 4 ZE554KL Protective Kits - Clear

  • Perfect protection and easy fit
  • Perfectly tailored with openings for all ports and connectors
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    • It wraps around your ZenFone 4, using strong materials that feel very nice to the touch. At the same time, the Case keeps the gorgeous screen free, and has camera and connector openings.
    • Slide your ZenFone 4 into a chic case that offers great protection against bumps and knocks.
    • Perfectly designed protection for your ZenFone 4.
    • Prevents scratches to preserves the beauty of ZenFone 4 and keep it in pristine condition
    • Comfortable to hold, made from elegant transparent material that shows off the full beauty of your ZenFone 4.
    • ZenFone 4 Clear Soft Bumper is a beautiful transparent protector that wraps around the rear of ZenFone 4 to keep it looking pristine.
    • It's precision-molded using a material that's smooth to the touch and invisible to the eye, allowing the beauty of ZenFone 4 to shine through.
    • It's also perfectly shaped for a snug fit, keeping your smartphone fully protected.
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