Vehicle Charger Premium MOVR3PC

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    Equipped with special contacts, charged through the cigarette lighter. Built twisted cord ending Micro USB-connector, easily stretched to the desired length. The device also has an additional USB-output: you can charge 2 devices at the same time, and it can be Blackberry with both Micro, and with Mini USB-connector, depending on which USB-cable, you connect. You can also charge other devices such as navigators or other mobile phones.

    Premium In-Vehicle Charger is of excellent appearance and quality of the original Blackberry, this charger perfectly complement the interior of your car and become a reliable assistant in the road.

    The Original high-speed battery charger in the car Premium In-Vehicle Charger for blackberry - leader in sales of our shop. The accessories has established itself among our customers as a convenient and durable charger with rapid charging Process.

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